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Carlann Fergusson

Invite Carlann Fergusson to speak at your next gathering. Using stories, behavioral psychology, change management and laugh-out-loud observational humor, Carlann will leave your group with deep insights and actions that create lasting change.

Sample Keynote: Frost & Sullivan Customer Contact West Conference

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Keynotes and Workshops

Mastering Superpowers: Harnessing your Herculean strengths to avoid Hulk-Worthy destruction
Can be tailored to general audience or leaders
Self-Awareness, Other-Awareness, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Executive Presence

You have an incredible gift that you call on in your business and personal life every day. It is what your clients, team members and family depend on and admires about you. It also has a dark side. When you get stressed, this wonderful gift can become too strong and become destructive.

In this interactive session, you’ll uncover your superpower that is the source of your most enviable strengths and most cringe-worthy relationship moments. You’ll learn how this strength helps and hinders work and personal relationships. You’ll hear from others how your strength gets perceived when it is both admirable and too much. You’ll also identify action steps to keep your superpower positive.
  • Uncover your superpower and the incredible gifts you bring to your business and relationships
  • Gain insight into the negative perceptions created by overusing your greatest strength that unwittingly sabotage your relationships
  • Learn action steps to bring your superpower back into balance to eliminate self-sabotaging behaviors and increase your influence

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