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Small Group Coaching: My Awareness Journey Interactive Coaching (MAJIC)

Our powerful, small group coaching journeys are expertly designed to take you on a journey of discovery, sharing and deep insight. MAJIC Coaching allows you to share your experience with other successful professionals who want to take their impact and leadership to the next level. You will gain deep knowledge about yourself and others in a safe, supportive environment.

Each journey starts with a validated assessment to identify your starting point on the specific competencies and behaviors required for success. Every week, you engage in precisely planned journey content. Then you share your awareness with your coaching tribe to progressively increase your competence. The different perspectives of tribe members provide incredible insights that change your thoughts and actions. You’ll see yourself grow in ways you didn’t think possible.
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MAJIC Coaching Journeys:

Erasing Self-Doubt:

Bright leaders often seek out coaching to improve competencies such as communications, influence, executive presence, or emotional intelligence (EQ). An underlying barrier to all of these is second guessing yourself. This 12-week journey allows you to build the much needed, but often overlooked foundation to future success. Participants are able to:

  • See themselves through a more positive lens
  • Stand comfortably in their power without becoming egotistical
  • Reach excellence without burning themselves out
  • Eliminate self-limiting behaviors

Find out if Erasing Self-Doubt is right for you:

Amplifying Your Influence:

Small group coaching that allows participants to:

  • Communicate in a manner that balances frankness with diplomacy
  • Pivot their influencing preferences to be seen and heard by even the toughest stakeholders
  • Set goals and success measures that executives care about
  • Understand and navigate office politics
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“You find things about yourself you didn’t even know existed. My life has significantly changed since completing the program.”

Michelle Pineiro

Director of Operations, Healthcare Industry

“The discussions held a mirror up to myself, my life and my experiences. Breakthroughs happened at every session.”

Evan Berrett

CEO Hamilton Testing Services

“A deep, thought provoking journey that uncovers both positive and self-sabotaging behaviors. Carlann brings out the best in people.”

Monti Becker Kelly

Sr. VP, Customer Service