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The number of people calling themselves an “executive coach” can be overwhelming and few are truly qualified to create lasting change. Carlann and Propel Forward’s other coaches have spent over 25 years coaching executives in many of the world’s most impressive companies. We use a blend of expertise in executive coaching, behavioral  psychology, and change management to ensure leaders who engage in coaching act and think differently – not just while they are partnering with us, but long after. We even put that guarantee in writing.

Here’s Why Companies Call Us:

Focused on Root Cause:

Many coaches just provide temporary fixes, saying “You’re doing this, try this instead.” Our focus in on the source of the issue. We guide the leader in uncovering the past experiences, subconscious thoughts, and outdated beliefs that created the ineffective behavior.

Clear Success Measures:

All of our executive coaching services start with clear objectives that capture the results the leader is eager to reach and reflects the changes the boss wants to see. These objectives serve as the roadmap to design a customized approach that ensures success. We check-in on a routine basis with the leader’s manager to ensure observable results and adjust our approach based on that feedback.

Executive Experience:

At Propel Forward, every coach is a highly accomplished company executive who experienced the pressures and expectations of employees, executives, investors, Board of Directors and the public. That is why we use a blend of coaching, mentoring and consulting. Any advice comes from practical experience, is tailored to the leader’s situation and is immediately applicable.

Behavioral Change Expertise:

There are usually traits or behaviors that undermine the successful application of executive competencies. We are experts in behavioral change and probe deeper than most coaches to address the thoughts and beliefs that are unintentionally anchoring undesired behavior. This allows the leader to change themselves at a deeply profound level.

Success with the Toughest Leaders:

There are many times when we are asked to coach a “last-chance” leader. Often they’ve already worked with a coach, but it didn’t result in change. We don’t shy away from these challenges because we know how to get this person to hold up the mirror and acknowledge how their behaviors and actions unintentionally created the perceptions.

Early Notification of Coachability:

On very rare occasions, a leader may have impenetrable walls of defensiveness or have a condition that impacts their ability to accept coaching. As experts, we assess this quickly, so you don’t waste money and time.

Numerous Certifications:

Our team are certified experts. We adhere to the American Psychological Association testing, measurement and ethics requirements. We are certified on numerous highly validated assessments. This ensures we have the best data to assist your leader with change.
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Revenue Advantages of Propel Forward’s Executive Coaching:

  • Confidently walk into the next succession planning meeting knowing your high potential leaders are ready to move to the next level
  • Reduce legal risk and the cost of turnover by increasing emotional intelligence and eliminating potential caustic behaviors
  • Increase productivity as previously hesitant leaders clarify expectations and hold others accountable
  • Improve the speed and quality of decision-making as leaders learn to effectively influence and eliminate defensiveness
  • Create better workplace health as driven, perfectionistic, workaholic leaders bring their overused strengths back into balance
  • Raise employee engagement as leaders instill a sense of purpose and pride with vision and a clear roadmap to the future
  • See your return on investment multiply as these excited leaders coach others on what they learned

Let’s Discuss the Changes You Want to See

Individual Advantages of Propel Forward’s Coaching

Why wait for your company to decide your path to success?

You’ve already taken the training they offered. You’ve read the leadership books. Now is the time to go deeper and go further. Take control of your career and life. You’re ready now!
  • Uncover your incredible talents and abolish behaviors that sabotaging your career and self-worth
  • Discover how others perceive you using the best 360 assessments
  • Learn how your own preferences for communicating, processing information and making decisions are limiting your influence
  • Increase your executive presence and influence with the executive staff, Board of Directors and Key Stakeholders
  • Become a legacy-worthy leader
  • Position yourself for promotion
  • Add more value to the organization without working overtime
  • Solve your most thorny organizational issues
  • Assess your readiness and prepare for the next level
  • Have a vision that is so compelling and crystal clear that you could lock your documents in a safe and you’d still reach your desired destination
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Let’s Discuss the Future You Want to Reach

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