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Insightful Leader Within


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Find your superpowers and decipher
what others are reluctant to tell you

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Are You a Seasoned Leader Who Wants To:

  • Discover your leadership superpowers and embrace the gifts that you bring to your company?
  • Unravel why you get defensive with certain people or certain circumstances?
  • Eliminate those cringe-worthy impulsive interactions that could lead to career suicide?
  • Claim your incredible strength and position power without worrying about being egotistical or manipulative?
  • Reprogram outdated survival beliefs into guidelines that match who you are today?
  • Raise your emotional awareness and executive presence?

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Ready to do Some Inner Work and Determine if Your Career Trajectory is Climbing, Stalling or Falling?

Endorsements are in for Shoots and Ladders

Shoots and Ladders was created for the leader in all of us as a way to improve our impact at the current level while preparing for the next. It enables the aspiring and the experienced to assess strengths and identify areas that often propel, stall or derail otherwise promising careers. Guided coaching sections promote deep insight and result in personally tailored action planning. Mentoring worksheets ensure continued learning through discussions with company advisors. Shoots and Ladders provides the tools to help you become the leader you know you can be.
For just $195.00 the Shoots and Ladders: Insights to Accelerate Your Leadership workbook puts you  in control of your career destination. Personalized coaching for the material and assessments in this book would cost up to TEN times the price!
Want more? Use the button above to buy the Workbook and a Small Group coaching package or One-on-One coaching package for a deeper dive into your path for success. If you want more information, please call us at 321-600-4080 with any questions you may have.