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Leadership Certificate Program

Northwestern University’s Leadership Certificate Program is designed around three core topics: people, strategy, and change. Combined, these areas form a thorough understanding of leadership as it applies to the individual and to the broader organization. You’ll work through real workplace or career challenges, while gaining perspective from professionals in a variety of industries. Each course includes an industry recognized self-assessment for deeper personal awareness of the leader’s impact and effectiveness.
The program is open to any professionally working adult and you can take individual courses or complete all courses to earn the certificate. More information can be found at

Leaders as Change Agents

As leaders or project managers, you are expected to support organizational changes and get your team bought into those changes. You also create changes within your scope of work to create positive improvements to the products, services, people and revenue of the business, yet 80% of change efforts fail.
In this course, you will learn how to be that successful influencer and creator of change. You will use proven processes for implementing lasting change that eliminate the risk of your change becoming another “flavor of the month.” You will gain the personal insight and skills to convince key stakeholders of your proposal and enlist others in your vision of change. These skills will also reduce resistance and eliminate the potential for legal action originating from mishandled change initiatives. Throughout the course, you work on a real change that you want to lead. You constantly apply the concepts so that by the time you complete the course you have a practical change plan that is ready to implement.
Carlann teaches this highly interactive course via zoom or in person at the Chicago campus in the Kellogg School of Management Building.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of the program, students will have the models, knowledge and insights to:

  1. Design change using proven methods to increase adoption success
  2. Analyze the environment and variables to determine the barriers and strategies for change
  3. Identify system implications to ensure sustainable change
  4. Anticipate reactions to change and respond appropriately
  5. Identify your strengths and challenges as a key influencer in your organization
  6. Tailor influence communication to those in different stages of change and whose communication patterns differ from the student’s own style
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