Discover The Insightful Leader Within

Transform Your Organization

Special programs won’t engage employees or deliver lasting results, but building an energizing organization with a solid foundation will.

Uncover Barriers to Reaching Results

Using tailored consulting Propel Forward will help you increase your speed to success.

We have a track record of improving results company-wide, across various functions, across the globe in manufacturing and engineering, between the business and the community, within the executive staff, and within any slice of the organization.

Our Organizational Development consulting includes:

  • Aligning on the desired outcome and key success measures
  • Expert organizational diagnosis that uncovers the root cause
  • Ensuring the solutions expert is experienced in the type of problem being solved
  • Partnering with you to create solutions that address the heart of the problem and fit your organization

I was tasked with growing our business from national to international while needing to reduce headcount. Carlann assisted me in aligning my senior staff to a common vision, redesigning the organization, and helping us appreciate our cultural differences. This resulted in the merger of four divisions into a streamlined organizational structure that flexibly delivered multiple services while reducing headcount and costs.

Bill Sheppard,  Sr. Vice President, Corporate Services,  Intel Corporation

Build an Aligned Culture

Growth often brings misalignment of culture. It may be due to changes such as acquisitions or it could be from clinging on to a culture that no longer fits the vision of the company.

Our extensive experience in culture development will:

  • Identify the unique values for your organization
  • Align your culture to your vision to ensure it drives behaviors that guarantee success
  • Create a culture that others want to join
  • Anchor your culture in the day to day processes and interactions

Lead Successful Change

We have extensive experience leading large scale change in a variety of industries for a variety of reasons.

Our award winning approach will enable you to address the strategic, tactical and emotional aspects of change.

Your  will not only create lasting change but increase leadership credibility and trust during implementation.

Conduct a Growth Tune-Up

Not everything that made your company successful when it was smaller will make your company successful as it expands.

Our experts can help you identify what is working and what needs to shift to sustain growth.

We can help you eliminate chaos without increasing bureaucracy.