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Types of Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching for CEOs

I have a really unique background that allows me to bring both that hard thinking versus thinking feeling side of things. I was always a coach in companies for all the different levels.

I have several different types of offerings. One is the executive coaching and some of it is individual coaching. A lot of times I’ll work with the executive team and we will do a full session as an executive team. Once they’ve all done their 360s, of their overall strengths and how they work as a team and how they interact as a team and how they could interact better, I have followup coaching sessions on the phone. When you call, I can tailor a solution to make sure that your success measures are met. All the coaching, everything, is customized to the individual or to the group, and they may be people looking to go up the leadership ladder and just trying to figure out what they want to do.

Some of the reasons that coaching doesn’t work, when it doesn’t work, is if you just attack at the behavioral level it may not sustain. But, if I go down and I dig into the beliefs and the values that are associated with that behavior, I can get it at a core level that I can challenge some of those beliefs that may have been true for that past when you needed that, but is no longer true today and it’s holding you back. I just go through and I ask you a series of questions to try to figure out what success would look like for you when you were accomplishing what you wanted to accomplish, and then what you currently think is standing in the way of that. Then I’ll start to dig into a more deeper questions with you to start to identify what some of the probable root causes are.

The biggest compliment I can get from a client is, you made a huge difference to my life, not only on the business level, but personally. There are so many times when they’ve gone through that process and that hard work of change, and then they come back and say, you know what, not only is my work life so much better, but my personal life is so much better. That really excites me.