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How to Love Your Job Again

A senior director, who is in charge of sales for a pharmaceutical division. A typical vision statement would be increase revenue, be the best at sales whatever. Instead, we really got to his passion about why he loves what he does. He had lost a little bit of that insight, but you dig into that, and you go yeah, you know, I really wanted to do this because I connect with the doctors every day. I connect with the doctors to help them to give the right medication to the patients and to make their lives better. There are patients that their product changes their lives. These are people who have seizures, 40 and 50 seizures a day. If he can get his product, and the right version of that product to that patient, that stops and they actually start living again.

When we were doing the vision work, he said, “I forgot that I was there to ultimately help that patient have a better life, and to work with that doctor to make sure that patient’s needs are being met. Instead, he and his team have been going in to sell, rather than to make doctors more aware of options to improve patients’ quality of life. It’s a very different feel to that.