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How to Love Your Job Again

What I’m seeing as a pattern is that a lot of senior managers, director levels, will start talking about some of their strengths and their areas of improvement, and you can just hear that the passion isn’t there any more. You can hear when you talk about certain topics that they get excited about them, but over all there’s just this exhaustion that comes out in their voice, and it’s because you can hear that they’re in a corporate environment, and a lot of corporations are like this today, of do more with less. You’re trying to get them to look at, “Hey, let’s do strategic planning. Let’s engage your employees at this level because that’s what they were marked low on. They don’t have that clear vision of where they’re headed.” You can hear this exhaustion of, “I don’t have any time and I’ve got all this tactical stuff to get done and I don’t know where I’m going to find time. Yes, I know I need to do it, but how am I going to find time to stop?”

Some of it is very painful for them because you can hear this loss of passion of what used to drive them to be excited about coming to work, has now become, “Let’s just get the work done. Let’s check it off. Let’s make sure I meet, and my team meets every objective we’ve been assigned.” But there’s no energy in it, and you can hear that in their voice. They’ve just lost that energy. A lot of times when I’m talking to a person like that, if I say to them, “You know, I can hear how exhausting this is for you.” They’ll say, “Yeah.” And I’ll say, “What are you working for today? What’s driving you?” I don’t know if it’s the work any more. They’ll say, “Yeah, I’ve got to be honest, I’ve been just looking at it as getting my kids through college or paying my mortgage and doing whatever I have to do. It’s become taking the trip and looking forward to the next vacation rather than looking forward to work.”

How do you rekindle that passion? They had it at one time. They were so excited to join that company, they were so excited to go into this career. It’s not that they don’t have it, it’s just that they’ve lost sight of it. How do you rekindle that and tie it back so that when they set a vision for their group, it’s tied to their personal passion?