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High Potential Leadership Training and Executive Coaching

My client base is very diverse, and it includes high tech, high fashion, health care, retail. In working in different industries, it’s always interesting. People will question whether I have the background to help them. But then when you start talking about the problems that they face, and the solutions and how you approach it, it’s the same.

What motivates them is different and how they may engage in business is different, and so you have to respect that. Because of the variety of clients that I have had, I learned quite a bit working with that individual or organization, and in turn they learned quite a bit because I can bring so many different ways of thinking about it, different perspectives. They may be caught in a certain perspective, and yet if you bring somebody your past experiences from all of these different types of industries, they start to say, oh, we could maybe think about it differently.

I have several different types of offerings: the executive coaching, individual coaching, then strategic planning, change leadership training. I have followup coaching sessions on the phone, and the change leaderships workshops based on what we’ve identified as the needs. Sometimes people don’t call for the strategic planning because they think that they should have more of a foundation of what they know they want to do before they call, but they don’t need that. I’ll help them go through that whole process from the ground up.

The biggest compliment I can get from a client is two-fold. One is, we’re having our best year in the last four years, or you made a huge difference to my life, not only on the business level but personally. That kind of compliment just jazzes me that not only did they have personal change but the company results, everybody is benefiting.