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My name is Carlann Fergusson, and my business is Propel Forward. My background is probably more behavioral from my training, because I have a Masters in Industrial Organizational Psychology. It is that blend of both. Then even my career, I was always a coach in companies. I started as a resident assistant back in undergrad and then I just was always the coach for all the different levels. I think that taught me a lot of compassion, because you never know until we talk to somebody what the story is. It taught me that there is a lot connected to what drives a person and finding their purpose and their passion.

I have 30 years of experience in Corporate America. I started in the government, and then moved into couple of corporations. I moved up in management to a senior director level, overseeing organizational development and talent development. Then decided when my youngest graduated from college, it was time to start my own business. That’s when I jumped out and started my own consulting business.

I worked for Intel Corporation. I spent about 12 years with Intel. I spent about four with Visteon Automotive; couple of years with Meijer Corporation. Prior to Intel, I worked for Florida Power, and I worked for two agencies in the government. I’m really driven by making a difference and I love to do strategic planning. I was involved in a lot of strategic planning, a lot of change management. I’m more of an architect, so I got to be working on something that makes a difference and makes change. It was just sort of a natural fit. I had incredible teams. We were able to just accomplish a lot for the organizations.

One of the reasons that I moved so quickly up the ladder in Corporate America was because I’m a continuous learner, and so I’m opened to feedback and I act on that feedback. I find opportunities to keep learning, gain more insights on myself. I think that that’s why I love what I do now is because other leaders are the same way. They want to know. A lot of times, you don’t personally know what your weaknesses are, what your strengths are until other people reflect that for you.