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Avoid Vision by Committee


How to Avoid Vision by Committee

The leader owns writing the vision statement because they’re the one leading that organization into that future. If it’s not the leaders at it’s heart, then it’s worthless. Then it is just vision by committee. It’s just watered down because you’re trying to get everybody’s opinion and you’re being too collaborative with it. It’s the leader’s passion that is driving that organization so I’ll coach the leader in getting the first vision statement. Now we’ll bring it to the team and they have input and feedback on it. So there might be some shifting because a lot of times it’s like “Yeah, yeah, that’s what I was trying to say,” and “That’s what I meant.”

As a team, they just get really jazzed about different pieces but that team does not own creating a vision from scratch. You’re just going to get something so watered down, there is no energy in it whatsoever. I’ve seen that even in great corporations, where you go in and they were so careful to include everybody at the executive level, their groups, into this vision statement of “Oh well, wait a minute I can’t see where you know facilities management is in here.” So they add it and then it’s lost everything. So can you bring it to the higher level of what’s the higher purpose of the company? What excites you about what you do? That’s the Vision Statement. Finding out what is that higher purpose.

I love to see when somebody lights up that they got it. They know exactly why they’re driven to do what they do and they just beam. That is so exciting for me to see that, that they’re excited and engaged and when they’re excited and engaged as leaders, they can excite and engage their team. When they have found their passion, they can help their team members find their individual passions attached to that same vision. It’s contagious, it really is contagious and that makes me feel like I truly have made a difference in what I’ve done for that client.