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Pitfalls of Seasoned Leaders

Posted on Jul 23, 2015 in Blog

Your direct reports may know you are an amazing leader, but are you certain your boss knows? Too often there is a huge discrepancy between the team’s high ratings of the leader and the lack luster ratings of the boss. With more senior leaders it often stems from allowing the relationship with the boss to become too comfortable and informal. Some of the techniques the leader might have used earlier in their career to ensure they were managing up have been dropped with the false assumption these are no longer needed. Later when the leader is overlooked for promotion, the high potential leader wonders why a less capable leader is promoted. To ensure your boss knows you not only as a trusted part of the team but also as a great leader, reintroduce the following into your communications:

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Most companies like to keep their succession planning results a tightly held secret. This unfortunately results in most employees not knowing if they are considered a candidate for future promotion. On rare occasion the person is told the leadership team believes they have the ability to be successful at the next leadership levels but the reasons for the selection may still seem vague. So how will you know if you are considered a high potential and worthy of future leadership promotion?  There are four expectations of high potential employees that I have seen be constants in the selection of promotional candidates. 

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