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  How to Love Your Job Again A senior director, who is in charge of sales for a pharmaceutical division. A typical vision statement would be increase revenue, be the best at sales whatever. Instead, we really got to his passion about why he loves what he does. He had lost a little bit of that insight, but you dig into that, and you go yeah, you know, I really wanted to do this because I connect with the doctors every day. I connect...

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  How to Love Your Job Again What I’m seeing as a pattern is that a lot of senior managers, director levels, will start talking about some of their strengths and their areas of improvement, and you can just hear that the passion isn’t there any more. You can hear when you talk about certain topics that they get excited about them, but over all there’s just this exhaustion that comes out in their voice, and it’s...

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Types of Executive Coaching

Posted on Feb 11, 2015 in Transcriptions

Executive Coaching for CEOs I have a really unique background that allows me to bring both that hard thinking versus thinking feeling side of things. I was always a coach in companies for all the different levels. I have several different types of offerings. One is the executive coaching and some of it is individual coaching. A lot of times I’ll work with the executive team and we will do a full session as an executive team....

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