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Strategic Perspective Action Workshop

Strategic Perspective Action Workshop
August 28-30, 2017,

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Set aside your notion that strategic planning can be boring
Transform your vision from blah-blah to Hur-rah!

• Shake up boring myths and wake up your ability to create an electrifying vision
• Avoid the hidden traps and create a plan that surpasses all expectations
• Engage and enlist others with the power of storytelling that flows naturally from your own passion
• Supercharge your influencing skills to gain support from even your most annoying nay-sayers
• Implement your vision and plan with group and private coaching support after the workshop

A Different Approach:  We are going to mix your left brain thinking with some right brain experiences to help you create the most amazing vision and strategic plan you’ve ever experienced.

Late afternoon on Monday, connect to your passion and values while learning important aspects of strategic planning from nature in the sacred lands of Kashu-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument.

Tuesday a professional storyteller joins us for lunch to share the powerful secrets behind storytelling. This prepares you for weaving your vision, strategic direction and positive energy into an inspiring story that engages your team and key stakeholders.

After the program your higher perspective is supported through private and group coaching calls.

Carlann will expertly guide you through a unique process based on 25 years of strategic planning, change management and behavioral based leadership. You’ll leave this fast-paced 2.5 day, action workshop with solid key deliverables and impactful new ways to approach strategic planning.

Course is limited to 15 senior leaders

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