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For Rising Leaders

Five Options for Success

You may want to learn more about what it takes to increase your leadership impact. You may be hoping to move up the leadership ladder.

You may be thinking you’re ready for the next step of leadership.

You may be frustrated because you’ve been told you have a lot of potential but things are not happening fast enough

Discover what is needed to reach your goals. Some of these approaches won’t cost you anything. Others will require that you invest in your career.


  1. Take advantage of learning opportunities within your company

Go beyond the offered training classes and start thinking at the next level. Get away from your desk and attend company-wide meetings to learn what’s important to the leaders in your company. Read company publications including the annual report and read between the lines to learn what your company’s true strengths and challenges are. Find out about the major strategic initiatives and what is driving them. And by all means sign-up for the training programs that will refresh or expand your knowledge, skills and self-awareness.


  1. Read our blog and articles

Carlann’s tips are based on decades of leadership experience, from being involved in hundreds of promotional selections, and from coaching both rising leaders and senior level executives.


  1. Take your self-awareness further

Carlann wrote the Shoots and Ladders Workbook to allow leaders to attain as much self-awareness as is possible on their own. The workbook was created based on leadership research, longitudinal studies and Carlann’s twenty years of experience selecting succession and promotional candidates. It includes 4 assessments, self-coaching chapters, mentor discussion guides and support videos.


  1. Sign up for coaching

When you are ready for deeper results, work with a coach. Leaders who have invested in a coach from Propel Forward experience immediate and long-term benefits. We have a record of creating positive changes that get noticed and lead to career growth. You may think coaching is an expensive option but the cost is a mere fraction of the return when you consider your resulting happiness and salary increases will be cumulative.


  1. Attend our leadership retreat

Want an intensive learning experience that will expose you to hidden knowledge and deep personal insights? Attend our leadership retreat. Sign up to get more information on this transformative experience.