Discover The Insightful Leader Within


Do you want:

  • Expert strategic consultants who locate and treat the deeper source of the issues instead of Band-Aiding symptoms?

Consultants with decades of experience so your company doesn’t have to be the learning ground for entry-level consultants who will take twice as long or miss critical components of your challenge?

Pricing based on the solutions you need rather than being billed for large consulting companies throwing an army of people at the problem?

Practical, applied solutions instead of three-ring binders that collect dust on shelves?



If you’re on this page, chances are a previous Propel Forward client has referred you, and we’re very grateful for that!
As experts in change management, organizational development and strategic planning, Carlann and her team are often asked to consult on various projects.
Our expertise includes:
• Vision Creation and Team Strategic Planning
• Organizational Design
• Change Management
• Global Growth
• Succession Planning

We Are Seasoned Strategic Consulting Experts
We are not a big consulting firm and we think that’s a good thing. When you call us you get seasoned strategic consulting experts – not someone who has less than twenty years experience in the area of need. Sometimes all you need is one or two very talented professionals. When we work on larger projects, we partner with teams of trusted professionals that meet our high standards of quality. This flexibility keeps your costs lower and provides more results!

Positioning Your Business for Growth
You may be looking for ways to re-energize and update your company’s direction and strategic planning. You may recognize that your structure is no longer working or that the power base of your company has shifted. Perhaps your team or organization is going through major change and you want someone who can help you avoid the pitfalls and ensure you will succeed. You may be expanding globally and are uncertain of the cultural expectations of negotiating and doing business within those countries. Or, perhaps you need to train your team on working globally.

When you engage with Propel Forward, LLC you will:
• Create a strategic plan that generates action
• Eliminate the unintentional siloing and destructive competitiveness of your   organization’s functions
• Design an organization that meets your current and future vision’s needs
• Destroy the notion that large scale change has to be difficult, exhausting and   riddled with problems
• Remove the stereotypes of working globally and build lasting partnerships with    clients and employees

Change Management
Carlann is a change management expert and spent 30 years leading companies through major change efforts. During that time, she perfected the process to ensure lasting change. This earned Carlann and her teams two Intel Quality Awards, becoming a Visteon Leadership Summit finalist recognition, and the Press Ganey Innovation Award.  She teaches this process through Northwestern University’s Leadership Certificate Program in Chicago, Il. She also applies this methodology to her consulting work.

As an expert in change management, she has led:
• Strategic directional changes and job scope changes
• Company culture changes
• Company restructuring and downsizings
• Growth into global markets
• Merging of factories, departments and companies
• Company acquisitions
• Multiple system landings including 12 systems within a 6 month time frame
• Manufacturing process and system changes
• New business start-ups

Use this checklist to assess your organization’s health and strategic needs

Here is a one page overview of our strategic consulting