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We work with seasoned senior leaders and executives who are ready for the deeper work to become amazing leaders at their current level or at the next level.

Each engagement is tailored to the specific goals and needs we uncover together. The reasons are varied but the outcome is the same – Measurable Success.

Executives are busy so we don’t believe in wasting time treating surface issues. We are diagnosticians who get to the heart of the issue. We are certified on numerous assessments, making certain that you get the very best 360 surveys and self-assessments for your specific goals and not a one size fits all approach.

Immediate Application
We use a blend of behavioral coaching, skill mentoring and organizational consulting in every engagement. This ensures that changes are applied to real challenges the leader is facing right now.

We work with intelligent savvy leaders so we pack our sessions with tons of value. In-between sessions we use insight and application work to speed discoveries and mastery.

Lasting Change
Carlann is a change expert and her unique processes ensure sustainable change. When a new but similar issue arrises the leader has the skills and processes to work through it without having to sign up for more coaching.

Work, Home, Health, Life
Our clients constantly tell us the experience has made a tremendous difference to their entire life. They credit the engagement with making them better leaders, partners, parents and friends.

An Expert Team
You won’t see paper coaching certificates as proof of our credentials. We have decades of executive coaching and change management expertise as well as experience as award winning leaders. We have worked at global Fortune 500s, privately held companies, mid-sized organizations, government agencies and non-profits. We have mentors who have overseen various functions at the Director, Sr. VP and CXO levels to ensure you receive the solution that meets your specific needs.

We are so confident that you will gain value that we guarantee it.

Carlann is certified in:

360 Truscore Assessment
An academic, research-based assessment used to provide reliable results to further identify challenges and strengths, and to gain insights into critical role skills.

Harrison Assessment
A job-specific assessment used to provide key insights into role placement by comparing individuals’ behaviors and traits to specific job criteria and indicating their probability of success. This assessment is proven to provide clear and practical employee development plans to target their specific development needs in order to compare individual’s behaviors to proven success factors for specific jobs and identify key gaps related to job success.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

A personality type indicator that assesses how your personality affects your decision making process. It reveals your strengths and weaknesses based solely on your personality and habits.

Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Management
A conflict resolution assessment used to measure a person’s behavior in conflict situations along two dimensions “assertiveness” and “cooperativeness.”

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