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Many leaders engage Propel Forward as an investment in their career. They don’t want to leave success to chance. They may be hesitant but at  the first interaction they experience immediate benefits and become excited about their discoveries.  Within a short time, they have implemented changes and others are noticing the positive difference in their leadership and results. Soon they recognize that their investment has paid off in both tangible and intangible ways.

Propel Forward offers coaching, mentoring, consulting and leadership retreats to help you accelerate your career and your organizational results.

  • Stop questioning why others are noticed and be the one who gets promoted
  • Eliminate the barriers keeping you from reaching your highest potential and higher earnings
  • End the exhaustion of too many hours and too many expectations: reignite your passion with clarity of purpose
  • Take down political barriers and get support from even the toughest person at work
  • Solve your most pressing organizational issues and gain the skills needed to solve the challenges of tomorrow
  • Stop worrying that you don’t have the strategic skills needed at the next level
  • See yourself through the eyes of your team, your boss and your peers and pinpoint the changes that will lead you to legacy-worthy leadership

Coaching with a Difference

Our coaching solutions blend coaching, mentoring and organizational consulting to provide leaders with the insights, skills and applications to gain personal and business success.

Carlann’s coaching is not the traditional coaching you think of where someone is going to ask you a bunch of questions and slowly let you wander down a path. In addition to the coaching sessions, you’ll receive personally tailored post-work to provide deeper insights, test new skills or apply solutions.

Carlann’s coaching is a unique mixture of her areas of expertise. These include executive and leadership coaching, consulting, management and leadership skill development, operational experience and deep personal awareness. Carlann gained her knowledge while rising through leadership at some of the world’s largest companies. Her insights and advice are based on how corporations actually operate and what executives and investors expect from rising leaders. This combination ensures you get a personalized experience that will allow your abilities to shine and provide noticeable improvement to business results.

Our team of coaches ensures that you get the right coach/mentor/consultant for your needs. For those times when you need knowledge and skills in a specific functional area or for a specific position level within the organization, we will partner you with one of our expert mentors. We provide the holistic solution that meets your needs.

Carlann has the keen ability to quickly and accurately narrow in on specific challenges that translated to ‘me getting out of my own way.’ I was able to apply the knowledge to my personal life as well, which is proving to show a positive transformation. Her outstanding ability to connect, identify, coach and follow through has really taken my professional/personal development to the next level.

Avery, Vice President, Consulting Industry (promoted to COO)

Carlann possess tremendous knowledge and experience in her field and balances it with wit and compassion as well as a highly intuitive ability to listen with her heart to those around her. Her insights were invaluable in allowing my self-doubt to fade to the background while my gifts and skills were able to shine. As a result, I was able to land a new position at the next level in a field I love.

D.Armenta, Director of Pastoral Care (promoted)

I could tell it was just as important for Carlann to see me grow as it was me to improve myself. She saw an unspoken barrier to my growth and jumped right into the deep end with me. She made me realize what was restricting me from growing further in my career. Thank you for reading my true needs and helping me find more potential in my career and life.

Sanders, Mid-Manager in Oil and Gas Industry(promoted)

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To get where you are, it has taken talent and ability. To excel further requires unlocking the gifts and abilities within you that you have not yet tapped. I invite you to dive deep within yourself and dismantle the barriers that stand between you and the success you crave.

We guarantee you will experience deep insights and changes.

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This personal journey will expose you to hidden knowledge and deep personal insights that will accelerate your leadership.

If you’ve attended one of Carlann’s speaking engagements you are already aware of how powerful 90 minutes can be. Imagine what you will experience with her and her team of experts in two-and-a-half days.

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Contact us to learn about a special introductory coaching package that includes a free copy of the Shoots and Ladders Workbook: Insights to Accelerate your Leadership (a $195 value). This workbook will take your coaching sessions even deeper.

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Buy the Shoots and Ladders Workbook: Insights to Accelerate your Leadership. This book is a roadmap to assessing and achieving your leadership potential. It includes 4 assessments, self-coaching chapters, mentor discussion guides and support videos. The knowledge gained from completing this workbook will provide the tools to help you become the leader you know you can be.


Wow, I loved this workbook! Shoots and Ladders is a conceptually rich collection of step-by-step examples of how to move up in your career. This is a workbook that will not sit on the shelf. It is an excellent resource for all leaders to dissect and respond to, chapter by chapter.

Patti Wilmot, Executive Vice President, Peoplefirst; Domino’s Pizza


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