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Propel Forward offers workshops, coaching and consulting specifically tailored to augment your in-house solutions. We create self-aware, strategic leaders who apply the insights, skills and processes they learn.

About Our Workshops

You won’t find traditional leadership training programs here. We provide advanced solutions. We start with the assumption that your leaders already demonstrate core management skills. Our approach mixes action learning, coaching and organizational development to create opportunities for your leaders to gain self-awareness, processes, competence and confidence as they work through their own real challenges.

  • Stop chasing leaders to sign up for training by offering solutions that offer relief from what weighs heavily on their minds
  • Rest assured that the time your leaders spend away in our workshops yield real outcomes that achieve long-term results.
  • Go beyond knowledge and skills to provide solutions that change your leaders’ thinking, relationships and results
  • Provide workshops that create a personalized experience instead of talking to the crowd
  • Offer leaders access to experts who have been at their leadership level and have experienced their same challenges rather than trainers with theories and models

Regardless of the topic, we take an integrated approach that ensures the leader can addresses both the analytical and emotional aspects of the business challenge. We also increase your leader’s self-awareness of how their approach impacts their outcomes. Although your leaders are in a group setting their experiences are individualized. That’s because we are experts. We don’t need to focus on our content – we can focus on each leader’s unique needs.

Our workshops align with our core areas of expertise:

  • Personal insight, emotional intelligence and increasing influence
  • Creating an aligned vision and winning strategies
  • Leading the organization through change
  • Being a global leader and creating globally connected teams
  • Thinking like a business owner and delivering results

Because your leaders work on their real business challenges, we provide one-on-one coaching after the workshops to maximize each leader’s success during the implementation of learned skills.

“I knew I had a vision for my leadership, but the class helped me to verbalize it. When I rolled out my vision to my team, what I experienced is that they were impressed that I had a direction that I want to take them to. They were impressed by the thought I put into this and their response was that they wanted to be part of this journey and they wanted to help me get them there. It was a special moment as a leader. Some of my stakeholders said they wished they had verbalized a vision to their teams when they were at my level. These conversations helped me show that I care about my role and that I have a plan.”
A. Dearborn, District Manager, Eisai Pharmaceuticals

About Our Coaching

Forget your concerns about someone asking a bunch of questions and then leaving the leader to figure out how to apply the lessons. Our coaches rely on their extensive experience, keen intuition and past senior leader experience to guide the leader down a purposeful path of personal and leadership success.

Carlann is a Certified Master Coach and trained psychologist. She is certified on many leadership and behavioral inventories and 360-degree assessments. In addition she tailors specific insight work to reinforce the coaching session and allow the leader to progress faster.

Our other coaches include past senior executives who are experts in coaching on skills, execution, and increasing revenue. Depending on your leader’s needs we partner coaches to provide a holistic solution to a leader who has combined needs in behavior, execution and results.


Seasoned Experts
We are not a big consulting firm and we think that is a good thing. When you call us, you get seasoned experts – not someone who has less than twenty years experience in the area of need. Sometimes all you need is one or two very talented experts. However, if you have a large project we partner with teams of trusted experts that meet our high standards of quality. This flexibility keeps your costs lower and provides more results and fewer shiny reports.

• Stop hiring consultants who Band-Aid symptoms instead of locating and treating the deeper source of the issue
• Avoid being the learning ground of entry level consultants who will take longer or miss identifying critical components of your challenge
• Avoid paying the overhead of large consulting companies when your need doesn’t dictate throwing armies of consultants at the problem
• Get guaranteed results that fit your business and your culture instead of three-ring binders that sit on shelves

Carlann facilitated several broad, global change efforts in our organization using cross-functional, multi-country resources. She deeply understands the cultural differences inherent in a global enterprise and is able to identify the necessary layers of change required to ensure success. Her relentless energy, excitement and understanding of what it really means to work with global teams make her a unique resource to any global organization or one aspiring to become one.
D. Stephenson, Executive Vice-President, Visteon Automotive