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Invite Carlann Fergusson to speak at your next gathering. Using stories, behavioral psychology, change management and laugh-out-loud observational humor, Carlann will leave your group with deep insights and actions that create lasting change.




The Insightful Leader Series

These keynotes are based on key concepts from Carlann’s book, The Insightful Leader: Find Your Superpowers, Crush Limiting Beliefs and Abolish Self-Sabotaging Behaviors.

Mastering Superpowers: Harnessing Your Herculean Leadership Strengths to Avoid Hulk-Worthy Destruction

Improve your influence and relationships. Stop sabotaging your success.

In this humorous, interactive keynote, Carlann unmasks the ten most common leadership superpowers. You uncover the source of your enviable strengths and your greatest annoyance to others.
Interpersonal Relationships/Self-Awareness/EQ

Perfectly Flawed: Acknowledging Past Adversity to Increase Your Patience

Embrace your hard-earned talents. Abolish impatience with “those people.”

Carlann shares her story of adversity and the leadership strengths it gave her to help you to explore why you are not like everyone else. She uses humor to dispel the notion that others should be just like you – extremely talented and a bit dysfunctional.


Did I Just Say That Out Loud?: Eliminating those Guilt-worthy Leadership Moments

Reduce impulsive reactions. Become more mindful.

It happens to everyone. You’re the perfect role model of leadership and then BAM! – you’re saying something that you are going to regret later. Carlann humorously uncovers your hidden nemesis keeping you from being the leader, partner and parent you yearn to be.


Banishing Nagging Self-Doubt: The Murky Little Secret of Every Leader

Grow your confidence. Eliminate the not-good-enough syndrome.

Using relatable experiences, psychology and laughter at our human fallibility, Carlann dives into your unconscious mind to reveal how to banish those nagging self-doubts. She’ll also teach you how to redirect your brain chatter to be an even better leader.

Confidence/Openness to Feedback/Self-Awareness

The Focused Leader Series

These keynotes share the rarely discussed secrets of leadership that differentiate the most successful leaders from the ordinary

I Have Too Much to Do Today to Think About Tomorrow: Start Working Sane Hours by Becoming More Strategic

Strategic Thinking/Prioritization/Work-Life Balance

Why Don’t They Get It?: Getting Stellar Performance From Every Member of Your Team


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