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For Executives and Senior Leaders

Higher Leadership

You’ve been told you’re a valued part of the company. You are bright, focused on results and you care about the organization you work for. You know there is more opportunity for you. You want to rise to higher leadership; perhaps in terms of the next position level but certainly in terms of creating legacy-worthy leadership.

To achieve this personal growth, it will take both strategic skills and personal awareness as a leader.

With Carlann and Propel Forward you can take your leadership to the next level.

  • Eliminate any self-doubt that you are a visionary leader
  • Stop the constant shifting of priorities and position your organization with the right strategies for success
  • Squash the processes and beliefs that are keeping you from being a truly global leader
  • Stop worrying that leading others through change has to be difficult or exhausting
  • Create authentic, passionate leadership instead of hiding your best self
  • Eliminate barriers limiting your personal and organizational influence
  • Destroy ineffective behaviors and beliefs limiting your ability to connect with others at deeper levels

A Personalized Approach

Whether Carlann is helping you as a consultant or as a coach, you will experience a partnership that is focused on your success.

Unlike many coaches, Carlann has actually experienced the pressures of senior leadership. Her coaching is steeped in decades of experience as a coach to senior leaders, over twenty years in corporate leadership, and insights from her own path of continuous learning, which included earning two degrees in psychology. Her approach results in deep insights and keen awareness of the adjustments needed. You won’t be waiting till the next session to continue your growth, either. She will tailor specific insight work between sessions to ensure your personal journey continues to develop.

Carlann’s consulting is based on thirty years of helping senior leaders navigate strategic planning, major organizational changes, and growth initiatives. Whether working with you individually or helping you lead your team through a process, she will not only guide the outcome towards success but will also impart the knowledge and skills so you can lead your team through the next similar challenge with capability and confidence.

Investing in Your Own Career

Most leaders wait for their companies to invest in them. It’s as if they are asking permission to be considered worthy of development. It’s a puzzling phenomenon but a common one, and one Carlann experienced herself as a senior leader.

It wasn’t until she got tired of the same old leadership classes and conferences that Carlann recognized that if she was going to take her personal growth to a much deeper level, she was going to have to invest in a more personal experience. At first, it was difficult to justify the cost when her company wasn’t the one writing the check. After all, she had her kid’s activities, family vacations, and other ways any discretionary funds could be spent. The concept of spending money for her own career development seemed odd. Then she realized she needed to arrange for her own deeper development to ensure it was personally tailored to her needs. It was the most transformative journey she experienced; improving both her career and personal life.

Carlann makes certain that her work is equally transformative for the executives she works with and her clients have the results to prove it. The majority of those she works with are promoted within the year, making their investment a fraction of their year-over-year salary increases. All her clients recognize significant increases to personal life and career satisfaction, which they find well worth the investment.

Why leave your leadership potential to chance?

We can tailor a coaching program just for you or we invite you to attend our leadership retreat.

Our leadership retreat is an intensive experience that will uncover your true leadership gifts. Your deep personal insights will put the passion back into your leadership and your life.

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“Between Carlann’s coaching and applicable wisdom I have become much more comfortable with myself. I’ve been focusing on “not getting in my own way” as she so eloquently put it. God put her in my life at such a pivotal time.
Carlann and her gifts are a blessing.”

JA, COO, Chicago, IL


“Carlann possess tremendous knowledge and experience in her field and balances it with wit and compassion as well as a highly intuitive ability to listen with her heart to those around her. Carlann’s insights were invaluable in allowing my self-doubt to fade to the background while my gifts and skills were able to shine. As a result, I was able to land a new position at the next level in a field I love. I am most grateful!

DA, Director, Chicago, IL