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Partnering to Grow, Transition or Sell Your Business

You’ve built your company from the ground up. You have a vested interest in both the success of your business and the people who work for you. You know each of your clients and you care about them. Everything you do, you approach from a three-prong perspective: grow the business, grow your team and add value to each client.

You have found this page because you either want to position your company for continued growth or you are ready to exit the business. You want some assistance through these changes but you don’t want to engage a huge consulting firm that is going to charge a bunch of money to produce shiny reports. You want a partner that will bring expertise, get real results and guarantee the work.

Positioning Your Business for Growth

You may be looking for ways to re-energize and update your company direction. You may recognize that your structure is no longer working or that the power base of your company has shifted. You may be going through major change and want someone who can help you avoid the pitfalls and ensure you will succeed. You may be expanding globally and are uncertain of the cultural expectations of negotiating and doing business within those countries or perhaps you need to train your team on working globally.

  • Stop worrying that you are not a visionary leader
  • Don’t create another strategic plan that doesn’t generate action and gathers dust on your shelf
  • Get relief from trying to do too much, spreading resources too thin or burning out your organization
  • Eliminate the unintentional siloing and destructive competitiveness of your organization’s functions
  • Design an organization that meets your vision’s needs rather than yesterday’s needs
  • Reduce the risk of talent leaving after the acquisition
  • Destroy the notion that large scale change has to be difficult, exhausting and riddled with problems
  • Remove the stereotypes of working globally and build lasting partnerships with clients and employees

Our expertise includes:

  • Vision Creation and Strategic Planning
  • Organizational Redesign
  • Change Management
  • Global Growth

Transitioning or Selling Your Business

You are starting to contemplate exiting your business and you want to position it to succeed without your guiding hand. You can’t create a clone so you must determine who is best suited to take the helm. You must also ready your other leaders to assume greater ownership in the business. In this process you may determine it is best to sell your business but you will still need ready leaders that will be valued as key assets.

In addition, your own mind is going through numerous scenarios about what you will do after you exit the business. You may find yourself setting an exit date and then wavering about the timing of the transition. You know you could use a partner who will not only help your business but help you chart your path and support you through each step.

  • Avoid selecting the wrong persons to lead your organization when you step aside
  • Stop worrying if your leaders will be ready to assume greater responsibility
  • Eliminate any indecision about the timing and manner of your exit
  • Get a clear exciting vision of your next journey that puts your mind at ease
  • Ensure your business will continue to grow even after you transition

Our expertise includes:

  • Succession planning and candidate evaluation
  • Preparing your leadership team to assume the helm or to add value in a larger organization that may acquire the business
  • Your personal vision for your next adventure and exit strategy
  • Positioning your business for continued growth

We approached Carlann to assist us with strategic planning.  We initially wanted firms that had experience in our marketplace, which is the design field.  After several interviews, we decided to engage Carlann, who did not have experience in our field.  It was one of the best decisions that our firm has made in a long time.   Carlann was able to grasp our culture, understand our markets, determine where the holes were in our company and got us all on the same page in terms of a strategy going forward.   Our sessions with her were very intense but the end result speak for itself.   We had one of the best years last year in the last 6 years.

We also reached out to Carlann to assist us with some executive coaching and organizational development for our key staff.   They were very receptive to Carlann and her suggestions for professional and self-improvement and we are now on a trajectory to continuing growth for each of our potential leaders.

I would recommend Carlann for any organization.  She can toggle between both large companies and small boutique firms like ours.

Donna Gaines, Owner, Gaines International (successfully acquired)

Seasoned Experts

We are not a big consulting firm and we think that is a good thing. When you call us you get seasoned experts – not someone who has less than twenty years experience in the area of need. Sometimes all you need is one or two very talented experts. However, if you have a large project we partner with teams of trusted experts that meet our high standards of quality. This flexibility keeps your costs lower and provides more results and fewer shiny reports.

  • Stop hiring consultants who Band-Aid symptoms instead of locating and treating the deeper source of the issue
  • Avoid being the learning ground of entry-level consultants who will take longer or miss identifying critical components of your challenge
  • Avoid paying the overhead of large consulting companies when your need doesn’t dictate throwing an army of consultants at the problem
  • Get guaranteed results that fit your business and your culture instead of three ring-binders that sit on shelves

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