Discover The Insightful Leader Within

How We’re Different

Practical, Realistic Consultants with Real Organizational Experience

  • We have decades of experience diagnosing and remedying real organizational issues.
  • We stayed in the companies we worked for long enough to know if our recommendations worked and to learn adjustments to guarantee lasting results.
  • Some of us teach for major universities but we aren’t theorists; we are driven by practical application

Coaches who Help You Find Your Passion and Your Leadership Voice

  • Our Certified Master Coaches didn’t take some quick certification course; They’ve been coaching for decades
  • Our coaches have held leadership positions at the levels they coach
  • We are certified in a multitude of assessments to ensure any tool used aligns to the client’s needs

Trainers Who are Experts in Adult Learning and the Subjects They Teach

  • Most of our programs are Action Learning workshops where you learn the skills and gain insight while completing real work
  • Our instructors are both facilitators and mentors, allowing participants to discover ideas, try new skills and test outcomes.
  • All leadership courses are led by past corporate managers and executives.

We partner with you to identify the success measures and guarantee results.