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What is change management?


Change Management, people think it’s about bringing in a process or a system or completing something, completing a task and getting it down. It’s actually about bringing people along with you on a journey that they didn’t expect to take and how do you do that? How do you engage them in that journey to help you rather than hinder you along that path, because if they go kicking and screaming, it’s painful. If they pull on you reluctantly and you’re dragging them, that’s painful. If you engage them, and why you’re taking them where you want to take them, what’s exciting about that for you, and if that excitement is contagious, they’ll come along with you and they’ll want to be part of that. A lot of times at Change Management,  we get into mapping the process and making sure that have you had these communication meetings, have you done these steps, have you done these things, but we forget about how much work it takes upfront and throughout the process to keep that group of people moving along with you.

I see a lot of times where, especially the executives or the leaders that have decided on the change, they went through all that emotional brain work right before, months before. Now they’re ready to execute and now they’re impatient to execute and they forget that they have to bring everybody through that same process they went through to be able to move them. You know, they had that awareness and that aha of, we’ve got to change things, we have to do things differently, and this makes sense and I’m excited about this because it’s going to make a big difference. Well, that usually took them months and it was gradual. Now, they’re trying to bring a team together to come along with them on this and sometime an entire organization with them who haven’t had that luxury of coming in waves and them thinking about it and getting that picture and being able to see it. Now, they just want to be able to have one communication and say, here’s where we’re going, here’s why we’re doing it and give you all the rational reasons on why you should follow me in this change…And then they’re shocked when people aren’t following and people are resisting and it’s like, yeah, but you haven’t hit them at their hearts, you haven’t hit them at, you’ve explained the why’s. You didn’t explain to them the why nots, and what’s going to happen if we don’t. You haven’t given them all of that background that you had to make that decision, right, and you haven’t really worked on that almost primitive emotional lever of what is exciting and what is that pleasure that we had by making this shift or this change.

I think that’s one of the thing about Change Management is just, we know what a gut level we have to deal with all of that and there’s all these courses on the emotional aspects of change, but you really have to create personal awareness in the change workshop of what that really means to get people to take the time to address both the emotional aspects and all the logic analytic and I know even in the workshop, I talk a lot about this part is left brain, this part is right brain and I’m gonna push you out of your comfort zone here. It makes an impact. You know, people understand I can’t just expect to do all these task things and be successful with change.