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Do You Know What is Really Missing From Your Career Advancement?

You may be surprised what executives discuss about candidates being considered for the plum assignment or promotion.  It’s not about skills, knowledge or even experience. Those are just the qualifiers for even being considered worthy of discussion. When it comes time to select from the best, the conversation quickly turns to your leadership qualities, leadership behaviors, your underlying beliefs and emotional intelligence.

The problem is traditional training, on-the-job development, and leadership education don’t help the leader discover the specific changes they need to make. These components are more focused on acquiring or growing the leader – not on transforming the leader.

When it comes to differentiating the top contenders, the executives are no longer talking about “continuous learners”; they are talking about “self-aware leaders.”  

Propel Forward’s leadership coaching fills in that gap for you.


Investing in Your Career

Most leaders wait for their companies to invest in them. It’s as if they are asking permission to be considered worthy of development. It’s a puzzling phenomenon but a common one and one Carlann experienced herself as a senior leader.
She realized that attending the same leadership workshops and conferences were not going to propel her to be the leader she was capable of being. Carlann recognized that if she was going to take her personal growth to a much deeper level, she was going to have to invest in a more personal experience.

In the beginning, she found it difficult to justify the cost when her company wasn’t the one writing the check. After all, she had her kid’s activities, family vacations, and other ways her discretionary funds could be spent. The concept of spending money for her career development seemed odd. Then she realized she needed to arrange for her own deeper development to ensure it was personally tailored to her needs. It was the most transformative journey she experienced; improving both her career and personal life.

Carlann makes certain that her work is equally transformative for the leaders she works with and her clients have the results to prove it. The majority of those she works with are promoted within the year, making their investment into coaching well worth the dividends they receive In addition, this investment has made significant improvements to their personal lives and overall career satisfaction.

Take Charge of Your Leadership Potential!
The possibilities of your success are endless! We can tailor a leadership coaching program just for you or we invite you to attend one of our group coaching sessions.