Discover The Insightful Leader Within

10 Minutes to Higher Leadership

Watch these short videos to gain insights that will help you increase your effectiveness as a senior leader and avoid the traps that stagnate many leaders careers. Topics discussed include strategic perspective, behavioral change. increasing critical competencies and more.

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Episode 1: Why Did You Come in Here?
Reconnect to why you became a leader

Are the priorities of your job distancing you from the reason you became a leader?  Use these three questions to reconnect to your passion and energy. This video has no sales pitches and no sign-ups; just tips to make you a better leader! Connect with me for more tips and free masterclasses.


Episode 2: Get Your Head Above the Desk

Three things you can do right now to get your head above the desk and increase your strategic perspective. Connect with me for more tips and free masterclasses.

Episode 3: Picking the Right Strawberry

Find out now how to increase the value of your teams by seeking out the “fuzzy strawberries”. Connect with me and subscribe to this channel for more tips and free masterclasses.

Episode 4: Courageous Leadership

Overcoming your fear to speak up. Find the courageous leader within. Stop second guessing your choice to speak up or remain silent.

Episode 5: My Boss is Psycho: Surviving the Wrath of the Psychologically Dysfunctional Leader

Identify the pattern of these toxic leaders. How they are perceived by those they report to and learn tips to recognize what you can do to survive their wrath.