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Bolster Strategic Skills to Drive Company Results

Are Your Leaders Prepared to Take Your Company to a Bright Future?

If the answer is “no,” you are not alone. Research has demonstrated that strategic planning, inspiring commitment, managing change and leading global teams are often the weakest competencies of today’s leaders. A study by CCL, a premier leadership research organization, found that less than 10% of 2,200 leaders exhibited these strategic skills. Management Research Group’s study of 60,000 global leaders found that strategic skills were ten times more important than communication skills alone. At Propel Forward we are strategic experts who transform your leaders’ strategic thinking and execution while ensuring they have the complementary emotional wisdom to engage others in these transformations.

Whether you want to improve the strategic skills of one individual or a group of leaders, we have a solution tailored to your needs.

  • Prevent the tyranny of the urgent from dictating your leader’s priorities
  • Increase engagement with leaders who co-create aligned visions and strategies with their teams
  • Create leaders who successfully address the execution and emotional adoption of change
  • Eliminate the potential for legal action originating from mishandled change initiatives
  • Stop the turn-over and low productivity that results from leaders who are not self-aware
  • Increase your leaders ability to effectively influence key stakeholders and clients
  • Create leaders who think and act globally instead of just accommodating cultural differences

Senior Leader Workshops:

To develop strategic skills for groups of leaders we offer action-learning workshops with follow-up sessions of individualized coaching. Your leaders work through their actual business problems as they learn and apply the key concepts, models and their own insights. We take a holistic approach, which addresses both the analytic and emotional aspects of business challenges. These group mentoring sessions impart the critical skills for success in the following areas:

  • Creating an Aligned Vision and Strategic Plan
  • Leading Your Organization through Change
  • Being a Global Leader
  • Growing Business Relationships in (Specific Country)
  • Increasing Personal Influence, Organizational Influence and Delivering Results

After the group workshops we provide one-on-one coaching to maximize each leader’s success during implementation with their team.

We don’t follow the usual approach of delivering training and leaving you to wonder if the session made any impact on your leaders and the company. Our development workshops are not successful until your leaders experience incredible results by executing the plans developed in the workshop. We are even willing to back this up with a guarantee.

“I knew I had a vision for my leadership, but the class helped me to verbalize it. When I rolled out my vision to my team, what I experienced is that they were impressed that I had a plan for the direction that I want to take them to. They were impressed by the thought I put into this and their response was that they wanted to be part of this journey and they wanted to help me get them there. It was a special moment as a leader. Some of my stakeholders said they wished they had verbalized a vision to their teams when they were at my level. These conversations helped me show that I care about my role and… that I have a plan.”

A. Dearborn, District Manager, Eisai Pharmaceuticals

Executive Options

The success of the CEO, CXO or Vice President is dependent upon a clear, compelling vision and a strategic plan that drives action and results. We specialize in helping leaders realize and implement their visions by first mentoring them 1:1 and then facilitating group sessions in which leaders can share their visions and engage their team in strategic planning.

For needs such as change management we are experts at mentoring executives and facilitating their teams through a myriad of types of large-scale change including expansions, reductions, mergers, and culture changes.

Our team of global culture experts can also assist you and your team with expanding your markets globally. We can help you build the relationships that result in business partnerships. We can also help you and your team gain the awareness and skills to create high performing global teams.

Working with Carlann was transformative. She has a very practical process for helping leaders define and communicate a vision in a way that is unique to that individual. She has a way of tapping into the emotional side of leadership that is so often undervalued but which is so highly motivating for teams.

S. Jacobs, Chief Technology Officer, The Gilt Groupe


“I approached Carlann Fergusson to assist my company with a strategic plan. We initially wanted and interviewed firms that had experience in the design industry. After several interviews, I decided to engage Carlann even though she did not have experience in our field. It was one of the best decisions that our firm has made in a long time. Carlann was able to grasp our culture, understand our markets, determine where the holes were in our company and helped me get my team on the same page in terms of a strategy going forward. It was very intense, but the end results speak for the value.

D. Gaines, CEO, Gaines International


I was tasked with growing our business from national to international while needing to reduce headcount. Carlann assisted me in aligning my senior staff to a common vision, redesigning the organization, and helping us appreciate our cultural differences. This resulted in the merger of four divisions into a streamlined organizational structure that flexibly delivered multiple services while reducing headcount and costs.
B. Sheppard, Sr. Vice President, Corporate Services, Intel Corporation

Seasoned Experts

Whether you engage us for mentoring, facilitation or action-learning, our consultants are experts with years of company experience in the specific business problem you face. As former corporate leaders we’ve led our own organizations through these challenges and as internal and external consultants we’ve assisted numerous other leaders in overcoming these obstacles.

We are committed to this promise. If you ask us to take on something we aren’t experts in, we won’t offer our services but we will do our best to connect you with another consultant who can meet your needs.

Call to explore options to meet your needs: 407-347-9669