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Hey Leader Whose Expectations Are You Trying To Meet

Sometimes, a question can strike you with such clarity that it remains with you for life. The following question was posed to me early in my management career and is one that has provided deep insight up until this day:
“Whose expectations are you trying to meet?”

The Super Syndrome
After another exhausting week, I attended a community seminar based on the Superwoman Syndrome by Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz. this seminar’s topic referred to women holding themselves to unrealistic expectations to simultaneously be the best career women, mothers, spouses, community members , etc. Today it could easily be the Superman & Superwoman Syndrome as advertising and media routinely throws images of being the best parent, partner, leader, global conscious servant, etc. Just look at Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. If they can raise their kids, solve world issues, be block buster professionals and stand by each other why can’t we all?

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Creating Lasting Change

Don’t Let Your Change Efforts Melt Away
As an ever evolving person you also are creating personal change. In your organizational role you create and support organizational changes that positively impact the products, services, people and revenue of the business. With all this change you would think we would be natural experts at creating lasting change, yet 80% of change efforts fail.

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