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Are Your Talents Undermining Your Ability to Influence?

It happens slowly. In the past, you were asked early into the change processes but now it seems the invites are coming reluctantly. When you do show up, no one seems thrilled to see you. Or perhaps you get ready to deliver the reasons for the needed compliance steps in a meeting and you can see in the others’ body language and eyes that they are gearing up to counter with all the reasons they cannot do something.

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Avoid Derailing Your Own Career

You were once rising quickly up the career ladder, but now seem stuck. While it might be tempting to blame others, it’s possible that you’re derailing your own career.

“Sometimes we limit our own success,” consultant Carlann Fergusson told attendees of the Society for Human Resource Management’s Emerging LEAD(HR) Conference on Oct. 9, 2015.

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7 Best Articles for Young TD Professionals

If you’re a young professional in the talent development space, here are articles that you should read before the end of the year.

Advice for Budding Trainers: Swati Karve provides advice on becoming a trainer. It’s relevant for people who want to transition into training after having a different career or who are just getting started on their TD careers.

Keeping Up With the Industry Will Constantine shares his experiences about how he broke into the learning and development field and how he keeps up with our rapidly changing profession.

Discover Your Strengths: Megan Gomperts shares her thoughts on discovering and capitalizing on your strengths to determine what role(s) fit you best.

Advice for Next Generation of TD Professionals: ATD’s CEO Tony Bingham shares advice about and for the next generation of TD professionals.

Here are some excellent articles for early careerists, no matter the field.

4 Ways to Know if You’re a High Potential: If you think you have high potential but you’re not sure how others view you, read this article by Carlann Fergusson.

Become a Future Leader: If you aspire to a management position, Terri Tierney Clark shares some tips on what to do now to prepare to lead in the future.

Leading Executive Conversations: Advice from Sally Williamson about how to talk to senior leaders. It’s all about context.

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4 Ways to Know If You’re a High Potential

Most companies like to keep their succession planning a closely held secret. Unfortunately, this results in most employees not knowing whether they are candidates for future promotion.

Sometimes employees have a hint, such as being sent to an advanced training course or brought in to participate on an important task force. But other times, they just are not sure. Even when a company has told a person that she is considered high potential, the reasons may seem vague.

So, how can you know whether you are considered a high-potential employee? And if you are considered to have high potential, how can you know what they saw in you that made you worthy of special focus for future development?

Understanding these four expectations of high-potential employees will give you a foundation for meeting leadership requirements and selection.

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Turning Leaders into Powerful Mentors

I’d grab my notebook, dash out of the office bounce up the stairs, and enter the hall where my mentor’s office was. I’d walk in the office saying “Hi Linda,” and prepare for my one hour of enlightenment. We talked about the inner workings of the organization, what she had learned about working with one particularly difficult stakeholder, and how I might better handle a performance issue on my team. We met bimonthly until we started running out of topics. Then one of us would cancel the meeting because of more urgent priorities. Pretty soon the mentoring unintentionally faded away. The arrangement had been helpful, but not powerful.

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Are You Management Material

Determine if management could be a fulfilling career choice.

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Wishy-Washy Leadership! How To Tell If You’re Too Inclusive

Today, many Leaders are suffering from too inclusive of a leadership style. They look to their team to vote on direction, try to balance everyone’s needs, and do their best not to upset anyone.

This is not Leadership!

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Leading Expectations: “Was It Something I Said?”

I was listening to a woman tell us how she returned home to find her kitchen a mess and her husband with his right hand in a bowl covered with brownie mix up to his elbow. She said in an agitated tone, “Just what are you doing?“ He sheepishly replied “I was trying to surprise you for your birthday by making brownies.” “OK,” she says calming down, “but that doesn’t explain why your hand is covered in batter.” Her logical husband answered defensively “Well it was all going fine, until I got to the part in the directions that said ‘Beat 50 strokes by hand.’”

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3 Career Advancement Pitfalls of Senior Managers

So you’re a senior manager with an eye on reaching the executive level. You’re reaching for that next rung, thinking that it is only a matter of time before the next promotion. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but unfortunately, no, your current position is not a waiting period. You’re there to grow to learn skills and leadership behaviors that will be critical for the next level.

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3 Career Advancement Pitfalls of First Line Managers

You may think you are on the path to the next level of management, but if you are unwittingly falling into these traps, your career is going to stall. Before you say something like, “Of course I delegate, of course I set clear goals,” stop and rethink your assumptions about what those terms imply. As someone who has been involved in thousands of promotional decisions I can tell you these pitfalls are repeat offenders that have derailed many promising careers.

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