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I was listening to a woman tell us how she returned home to find her kitchen a mess and her husband with his right hand in a bowl covered with brownie mix up to his elbow. She said in an agitated tone, “Just what are you doing?“ He sheepishly replied “I was trying to surprise you for your birthday by making brownies.” “OK,” she says calming down, “but that doesn’t explain why your hand is covered in batter.” Her logical husband answered defensively “Well it was all going fine, until I got to the part in the directions that said ‘Beat 50 strokes by hand.’”

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Stop It Or I’ll Bury You In A Box

Posted on Feb 11, 2015 in Blog

Two weeks ago, I left 25 years of serving as a corporate leader and I was contemplating what type of client I wanted to work with in my new consulting business. A clear answer immediately echoed in my head – “No Victims”

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Delegating is a difficult skill to master. Many leaders make it to high levels in their careers and within organizations without ever
mastering this skill. And this can be a big problem! Someone recently asked “Why are some executives so poor at delegating?“
On Delegation and Details We expect that executives should know how to effectively delegate by the time they have gotten to a senior level.

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