Discover The Insightful Leader Within

Accelerate your High Potentials

How many of your high potentials become the next leaders of your business?

You’ve identified them, told them they have a bright future and mapped out a plan for them. When a year has passed and the succession plan is reviewed, will the readiness level of your high potentials remain virtually the same?

Do you have:

  • A Board of Directors that is concerned that your succession planning candidates are unprepared
  • A low percentage of candidates being chosen for promotion, leading the company to look to external hires to fill important positions
  • A promising successor candidate who struggles with interpersonal behaviors or strategic skills
  • Development opportunities that aren’t attracting busy leaders

We can provide the solutions you need: candidate selection processes that yield results, personalized coaching and development, action learning to impart strategic skills, and successes that resonate with your investors.

It Starts with Selection

Does your successor selection process result in a myriad of issues?

  • Non-agreement by the executive staff on what constitutes a high potential or a successor candidate
  • A process overly focused on competencies and missing a valid way to assess behaviors and approach
  • An executive staff or selection committee unwilling to share important development feedback or information with the candidates
  • The same candidates listed as the “Ready Now” successor for a multitude of positions
  • An alarmingly low diversity of candidates prepared to move up
  • A plan that is focused on getting candidates listed on a page rather than a process that drives tailored development and actual selection of your candidates
  • A plan that yields a less than a 90% selection rate of identified candidates for promotional opportunities

If you answered “yes” to any of these, you are in the majority.

Carlann has helped many companies transform their low yielding succession plans into plans that get results. Upon seeing the results, investors and board members have asked her to share her process with their other companies.

Make your succession selection process worthy of the time you and your leaders invest in it.

“As a result of Carlann’s work we were able to incorporate business drivers into our processes, identify high potential employees and their developmental needs and ensure our succession plans could be realized. Our plan went from a 40% selection rate to 90%. Her work incorporated the latest research and recognized the unique challenges of our diverse and global business.”
D. Stephenson, Executive Vice President Human Resources, Visteon

Call and Schedule a No Cost Analysis of Your Current Succession Planning Process. 321-600-4080

Learn the changes you can make to your succession plan to achieve break-through results. Carlann will review your selection and development process to uncover issues that can help you significantly increase your selection rate of candidates. She will provide tailored recommendations that you can implement immediately.

Developing the Chosen Few

You’re offering wonderful training opportunities but you know at a gut level that traditional training isn’t the complete solution for these individuals. Most are already continuous learners and have been through years of training.

We supplement your company’s developmental efforts with solutions tailored to address the specific needs of your candidates and prepare each leader for a specific target position.


Holistic Leadership

It takes more than just knowledge, skills and abilities to be a great leader and it takes more than just the right behaviors and approach to drive business results. You want leaders who have the tactical and strategic skills, the business acumen, the self-awareness and the emotional wisdom to transform your company and make your organization enviable. You want a holistic solution.

This is where we excel. Our workshops, coaching, and mentoring not only address skill gaps but also your leaders’ readiness to assume higher-level roles.

  • Stop worrying that your leaders won’t have the personal awareness, the business savvy, and the strategic skills needed to execute at the next level
  • Transform leaders who leave a path of causalities in their wake into brilliant experts with emotional intelligence
  • Prevent team burn-out from leaders who readily shift priorities rather than lead strategically
  • Eliminate vague development feedback and provide your leaders with insight into the behaviors and thinking that could derail their success
  • Erase the fear that leading change will be difficult, exhausting and riddled with problems
  • Eliminate siloing behaviors and create leaders who act as business owners and organizational partners

Our team of coaches, trainers and mentors includes former executives and strategic skill experts who can address the root of critical issues and will provide a safe, confidential space for your leaders to ask the questions they might not want to explore in the context of an in-house training program. Your leaders will gain deep insights and skills tailored to their specific needs as they apply solutions to real business issues they are facing.