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Propel Forward has helped hundreds of executive leaders rediscover their passion in the workplace and engage their teams with purpose and energy.

"I approached Carlann to help me with visioning for my current team and in preparation to take the next step in my career. With her guidance, I developed a vision statement that I am very proud of and that resonated well with the team. Carlann skillfully nudged me in the right direction in a way that I feel the vision statement is mine. I own it, but I would not have gotten there without her input. Her combination of knowledge and insight, compassion, and humor worked really well for me. I feel more confident in my leadership abilities moving forward."

- Lisa Steelman, Senior Associate Dean, Florida Institute of Technology

"As a result of working with Carlann, I have been able to communicate my expectations to my group better. She listened and asked the right questions to make look at things in a different way, thus finding meaningful solutions. Her coaching provides a great foundation for growth and success."

- Marci V., Maryland

"Carlann was my coach as part of a professional mentoring program. She helped me identify my needs and to focus on my career ambitions. She also outlined what prevented me from moving forward. She used specific tools which were very useful and I found it a  pleasure doing the program with her."

- C Pochet, Promoted to Regional Industry Lead Electronics and Household Americas Styrolution

"Working with Carlann was transformative. She has a very practical process for helping leaders define and communicate a vision in a way that is unique to that individual.  She has a way of tapping into the emotional side of leadership that is so often undervalued but which is so highly motivating for teams."

- S. Jacobs, promoted to Chief Product Officer and Head of Demand Marketing, The Gilt Groupe

"I’ve read lots of articles and blogs over the years, but just didn’t find the relevant tools that fit me personally, plus what was missing for me is how to actually implement the tools I learned from those sources. That’s when I decided I needed to engage a professional coach. Carlann was my first choice after experiencing her insightful Change Management class at Northwestern University. It can be hard at times to hold up a “mirror” to yourself and dig deep, but Carlann’s expertise and customized guidance made it possible for me to see the opportunities in myself. I’ve put many tools in practice from my time with Carlann and feel confident about my progress!"

- Nancy Mines, Director of Strategic Operations, Blue Dog Design LLC

"Through Carlann’s coaching I became much clearer on what my best strengths are and to embrace my unique talents. I had always been worried about coming across as the arrogant jerk and so often deflected or minimized the praise others gave me. I have learned to accept that my talents and strengths are mine and it is okay to graciously acknowledge and express gratitude for the praise rather than try to minimize it. She also helped me to work to see things from my superior’s point of view to gain greater empathy for them and their challenges. This has helped better tailor my messages and information to them and has improved my communication with the senior leadership. I have become more confident and more comfortable with myself and in communicating with my senior leadership."

- Chris Lewis, promoted to Director, Engineering, Varian Medical Systems

"Carlann possesses tremendous knowledge and experience in her field and balances it with wit and compassion as well as a highly intuitive ability to listen with her heart to those around her. Carlann’s insights were invaluable in allowing my self-doubt to fade to the background while my gifts and skills were able to shine. As a result, I was able to land a new position at the next level in a field I love. I am most grateful!"

- D. Armenia, promoted to Director of Pastoral Care, Franciscan Sisters of Chicago

"Between Carlann’s coaching and applicable wisdom I have become much more comfortable with myself. I’ve been focusing on "not getting in my own way" as she so eloquently put it. God put her in my life at such a pivotal time. Carlann and her gifts are a blessing."

- J. Avery, Vice President, Chicago, IL

"As a result of Carlann’s work we were able to incorporate business drivers into our processes, identify high potential employees and their developmental needs and ensure our succession plans could be realized. Our plan went from a 40% selection rate to 90%. Her work incorporated the latest research and recognized the unique challenges of our diverse and global business."

- D. Stephenson, Executive Vice President Human Resources, Visteon

"Carlann is one of the most talented organizational development professionals in her field. She has the ability to ask the right questions, and to dig deep into finding root causes, as opposed to quick fixes."

- Marcia Brandt, Sr. VP, Human Resources, Source Refrigeration & HVAC

"During my time at Intel Corporation I give great credit to Carlann for her training and mentorship that has played a major role in my journey to becoming an effective and successful leader. I never missed an opportunity to catch one of her sessions or the chance to get her thoughts on a particular leadership situation. I still remember a challenging construction and factory start up in Costa Rica where we were trying to form a large organization of new hires into the effective teams needed to run this complex operation. Carlann brought her expertise in leadership, team dynamics and diversity to my organization and spent a week with us sharing her skills and insights on how to effectively work together. I distinctly remember the "wow" effect her teaching had, and how so many referenced and used those elements of leadership and respect for others as the project progressed. Carlann, I remain a huge fan and owe you a debt of gratitude for the leader you have helped me become. You are a unique talent and a wonderful person."

- Frank Robinson, Real Estate Project Manager and Strategic Planner, Intel Corporation

"Carlann is a seasoned professional who understands the challenges that organizations face. She harnesses the team’s unique skills and talent to build a cohesive team that reaches their goals and achieves success."

- Cheri Straka, Change Manager, Cisco Systems, Inc.

"We requested Carlann to develop team alignment and vision creation for our engineering department. The results were remarkable. Our department changed from a group doing autonomous engineering and construction to one building relationships and serving our internal customers."

- Michael Featham, P.E. Manager of Fossil Operations Engineering, Florida Power Corporation

"I could tell it was just as important for Carlann to see me grow as it was me to improve myself. She saw an unspoken barrier to my growth and jumped right into the deep end with me. She made me realize what was restricting me from growing further in my career. Thank you for reading my true needs and helping me find more potential in my career and life."

- K. Sanders, promoted to Manager, Application Development Services, Conoco Phillips

"I knew I had a vision for my leadership, but Carlann helped me to verbalize it. When I rolled out my vision to my team, they were impressed of the thought I put into this and their response is that they wanted to be part of this journey and wanted me to help them get there. It was a special moment as a leader. Some of my stakeholders said they wished they had verbalized a vision to their teams when they were at my level. These conversations helped me show that I care about my role and… that I have a plan."

- A. Dearborn, District Manager, Eisai Pharmaceuticals

"I have been with my firm since college and was having an issue embracing my standing as a leader within the firm. Carlann helped me face my fears, focused my career aspirations, and educated me on how to achieve my aspirations. She is a great coach!"

- J. Amartey, promoted to Marketing Director, Gaines International

"Carlann has the keen ability to quickly and accurately narrow in on specific challenges that translated to 'me getting out of my own way.' I was able to apply the knowledge to my personal life as well, which is proving to show a positive transformation. Her outstanding ability to connect, identify, coach and follow through has really taken my professional/personal development to the next level."

- J. Avery, promoted to Vice President Operation, Allen Austin

"We approached Carlann Fergusson to assist us with a strategic plan. We initially wanted and interviewed firms that had experience in the design industry. After several interviews, I decided to engage Carlann even though she did not have experience in our field. It was one of the best decisions that our firm has made in a long time. Carlann was able to grasp our culture, understand our markets, determine where the holes were in our company and got us all on the same page in terms of a strategy going forward. It was very intense, but the end results speak for itself.  We had one of the best years last year in the last six years. We also reached out to Carlann to assist us with executive coaching and organizational development for our key staff. They were very receptive to Carlann and her suggestions for professional and self-improvement and we are now on a trajectory of continued growth for each leader. I would recommend Carlann for any organization. She can toggle between both large corporations and smaller firms like ours."

- D. Gaines, CEO, Gaines International

"I was tasked with growing our business from national to international while needing to reduce headcount. Carlann assisted me in aligning my senior staff to a common vision, redesigning the organization, and helping us appreciate our cultural differences. This resulted in the merger of four divisions into a streamlined organizational structure that flexibly delivered multiple services while reducing headcount and costs. Carlann helped coordinate the organizational contributions of 15,000 direct employees and contractors in the location, construction, and operation of Intel facilities worldwide. This division controlled a $2B operating budget and $3.5B capital expenditure budget. These changes to the support infrastructure enabled Intel to double their manufacturing capacity."

- Bill Sheppard, Sr. Vice President, Corporate Services, Intel Corporation