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About Propel Forward | Personal Consulting for Business Executives

About Propel Forward

Carlann Fergusson started Propel Forward in 2012 with a passion to help leaders and organizations reach amazing results. The Propel Forward team consists of trusted leaders and experts in strategic planning, organizational development, change management, coaching, and adult learning. We leverage each others’ passions and often blend our areas of expertise to crate tailored solutions that create immediate and lasting results. We take a partnership approach with our clients and build lasting relationships with companies of all sizes including Fortune 500s and small boutique firms.

Carlann and her team enter into Non-Disclosure Agreements with every client to ensure the nature of the work always remains confidential. We have worked for and with a wide variety of industries. Chances are we have experience working with a business like yours.

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Here is how some clients describe the difference Propel Forward brings:

“A breadth and depth of knowledge and practical experience that turns concepts into bottom line results”

“Ability to quickly synthesize information to target the source of the business challenge”

 “Freakish insight into personal shifts needed and the skill to make these happen”

“Trusted advisor who cares about the leader”