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About Our Coaching


You Will Be the Most Amazing Leader in No Time!

Imagine a leadership coaching environment where you tap into your own wisdom and uncover your insights that will offer you clarity, ultimately leading to your best self and becoming an effective leader!

At Propel Forward we accelerate your road to leadership through various processes that supercharge what you’ve learned for amazing results! Here are some of the processes you may experience during your coaching sessions:

• Application of what you’ve learned to real-life work situations
• Self-reflection exercises that take your self-awareness to a deeper level
• Assessments that provide deeper knowledge of who you are as a leader

Our Leadership Coaches Are Here for Your Success

The Propel Forward methodology is a mixture of coaching, mentoring, determining root cause, and change management. Our team of experienced coaches utilizes the appropriate knowledge, skills, tools and processes to progressively create a tailored, powerful experience for you. Applying your new awareness and influencing skills to your specific real-life work situations allow you to experience immediate resolutions and results as a corporate leader.

Our coaches are experts and together we leverage our strengths to enhance your experience at Propel Forward. Each of our coaches has spent years, if not decades, in various corporate leadership roles. We match you with a primary coach based on your leadership level, who can also serve as your mentor. You will find your coach has overcome similar challenges you are experiencing in the work environment.

The Propel Forward coaching staff are seasoned experts and work with you to accomplish your leadership goals. You will be led down a purposeful path of success, both personally and professionally based on the leadership training and keen intuition our coaches offer each client.

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